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Video Magazine is high-impact, measurable, and very cost-effective. Our Video Email Marketing is the ideal tool for brochures, sales presentations, corporate communications, subscriptions, online coupons, movie trailers, lead generation, newsletters, contests, surveys, demos, e-bills, customer service, and other marketing messages. All advanced Video Email Marketing solutions are 100% CAN SPAM ACT Compliant.

We have recently developed technology that allows a video to appear and play in HTML email creative . When the email is opened the video automatically plays or in some cases an additional click is required to launch the video.

We will work with your IT personnel in advance of your campaigns to write and issue smart code that will designate which video solution will be sent to each respective domain.

Video News Releases (VNR)

Video News Release (VNR), the television version of the printed press release, translates the printed word into the sound and pictures television newsrooms need. Produced in broadcast news style, VNRs relay the news of a product or service launch, medical discovery, corporate event, timely feature or breaking news to television news decision-makers. However, news directors are only willing to use VNRs that are packaged in a certain way.

We are an experienced VNR producer and distributor and we understand what networks need.

Do you need a cost effective solution for communicating the value of your brand using the latest in digital video technologies?  We can help.

Video news releases used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce. Not anymore! ByteAll Media's VNR Service delivers cost-effective, professional, broadcast-quality video news releases that get you noticed.

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